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Use Rover to Manage Your Proximity Infrastructure.

Whether its a few beacons and a geofence, or thousands of beacons and many geofences, Rover’s enterprise-grade solution makes managing scaled deployments simple. Rover works with any kind of beacon, so it can layer seamlessly on top of your existing installations.

Flexible Content for Anything You Can Imagine

Rover's content creator tool allows marketers to create beautifully designed content in a snap. Simply set up your design template, drag and drop photos, enter your copy and preview your design. Everything is hosted in the cloud, which means you'll see the new content in your app instantly without having to resubmit to the app or play store.

Add links, barcodes, full-screen views, language support and even attach metadata for developers to use in custom integrations. You can also add deeplinks to other social apps, video, or even other sections of your own app.

Deliver Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

Delivering content by customer segment is just as important as targeting by location. With Rover segmentation you can filter content based on date, time, and customer attributes. Use our CRM to manage and create new segments, or easily integrate your existing CRM through our REST API.

Date & Time
Want to offer a Monday Lunch special? Make content even more relevant with days, time, and date range filters.
Create location specific content that will appear for visitors at one or multiple places.
Use visitor attributes from your CRM to deliver personalized offers. Want to show a special camera offer to your photography newsletter subscriber? With Rover it's easy!

Evaluate and Test Content Performance

Campaign analysis tools provide rich insights into content performance. Evaluate based on metrics like open and click-through rates, and observe how content edits affect performance.

Gain Foot-traffic Insights

Rover visitor analytics provides line of site to behavioural data such as volume and traffic patterns. See who's coming into your locations and where they travel within your venue. View engagement rates and evaluate performance based on changes made 
to content..

Case Studies

Real world examples where Rover is improving beacon experiences

At an Aquarium

With tips to spot fish, creature info, café coupons and more, beacons make for an unforgettable visit

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At a Music Festival

Festivals can be busy and hectic. See how beacons help your visitors to navigate a large-scale music festival

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Grocery Store

See how beacons help enhance the loyalty program at a grocery store

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