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iBeacon Engagement Platform

Rover's iBeacon platform helps retailers deliver a better customer experience by transforming their mobile apps into in-store shopping companions.

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Rover brings context awareness to YOUR app

The Rover platform allows you to easily integrate a complete context aware retail experience into your existing mobile app. No need to fragment your customer base with a third party app, or require them to go to external sites for product information.

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Rover Admin Console

Set up your beacons, manage content and track customer data


Works with any brand of iBeacon

Rover iBeacon SDK

Drag and drop the Rover iBeacon SDK into your existing app to make it responsive to iBeacons

The Retail Experience

iBeacons allow mobile apps to become truly context relevant through micro location


As a customer approaches the store, their phone is constantly on the lookout for iBeacon signals.


From within the store's app, Rover detects a beacon which triggers a notification, prompting the customer to open the app and receive a welcome message.


Our customer is looking for jeans. A nearby beacon brings up product info and a special offer.


As our customer exits the store a nearby beacon triggers a thank you message.

What is an iBeacon?

iBeacons are small, low cost devices that broadcast a bluetooth signal every second. Think of them as signalling devices that lay the foundation for you to enhance your customer's shopping experience.

Bluetooth Low Energy uses significantly less power than its predecessor and removes the extra steps required to 'pair' devices.